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2008-03-28 08:34:27 by Automatic-TANK

Hello guys!
I've noticed I've become less hated amoung newgrounds so I've finally pushed myself into making a news post, YAY!
Anywayz, as you may have noticed I'm shit with jokes and all that,
I was unfortunate enough to be born without a funny bone! ARGHHHH!!!
(Not literally, chillax, I'm not deformed, but if I was, it would be pretty cool)

So, if you got any jokes or ideas you wanna share with me then please, by all means, do so.
I needs this. I want to become good, but I can't, all a guy like me needs is an idea.
I'm gonna actually try my best in flash from now on, the others were practice. :P

Also, in your responses, try to include the word "SHIITAKE"
I dunno, I'm just bored, I watched too much stuff on Youtube.

Look forward to getting to know you all
- Tanka


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2008-03-28 08:42:25

Make another LOZ flash please... the latest oen was so funny ^^

Automatic-TANK responds:

Heh, thanks man, but I reckon it was shit


2008-03-28 11:12:54

I didn't know you were hated originally, oh well.
I think that the word brainstorm is not allowed anymore as it somehow insulted some people or something stupid like that. I think it has to be idea something, generally stupid and I don't think anyone cares of it anyway.
I liked that Go-go flash personally.


2008-03-28 13:57:33

hey the twilight flash had ok jokes i did laugh XP some times the simplest jokes ever are the best, and i read ur australian? i got a few friends animators that are ausies too lol XP one of em made the link gets hurt flash, is it coincidence? (australian doing a zelda flash)


2008-03-28 18:16:43

I'm eventually gonna get flash but I gotta know...about the voice actors you cast for your LoZ film, were they professional or not because I'm too poor to hire people.


2008-03-28 18:17:49

i started making a zelda flash a while ago, but i ran out of inspiration when it started going well! *sigh* so I suppose I can relate to your problem! well done on getting the daily feature award thingy on yours tho.


2008-03-28 21:15:31

SHITAKE MUSHROOM!!!11!!!1!1!one!!11!


2008-03-29 14:57:05

Nah it was'nt


2008-03-29 22:14:06

awesome new flash great detail and everything deserved the first place ^^


2008-04-09 22:14:46

Shit? It ruled! Only some script parts, but it was really good! How you do that drawings? (Im not trying to make you happy, im saying truth :) )


2008-06-15 15:47:03

This is rare... in like 2 or 3 weeks, the score is going up, never goes down! :S By one point...


2008-07-06 13:54:14

Hi, I loved your Twilight Problem Flash. It was freakin funny. Hope you make more like it. Oh you can make one on the Wind Waker game. That would be cool.


2008-07-07 21:32:14

Hey, don't give up your doing great. The best way to get loved around here is to create your own creation. not parody.


2008-07-16 11:23:45

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Problem has been stolen in Youtube...


2008-09-30 11:13:26

Sorry for being an asshole that much, but it now has been removed :D

BTW, you make a submission for MGS Collab Disk 1? :)


2008-10-05 00:49:47

I'm Old Greg!


2009-01-02 09:38:59

Hello ! Are you dead ? Why don't you make any flash =( or any post ... Where are you ? =p


2009-11-01 15:10:32

hi! i like videos! :)
and um can u tell me how to make an animation vid and post it to newgrounds?
cuz i wanted to try and make somthing


2011-02-27 18:38:45

one you get one. JUST ONE!


2012-10-28 20:04:56

Knock knock you there? Or u dead?
did they eat your soul