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2008-03-28 08:34:27 by Automatic-TANK

Hello guys!
I've noticed I've become less hated amoung newgrounds so I've finally pushed myself into making a news post, YAY!
Anywayz, as you may have noticed I'm shit with jokes and all that,
I was unfortunate enough to be born without a funny bone! ARGHHHH!!!
(Not literally, chillax, I'm not deformed, but if I was, it would be pretty cool)

So, if you got any jokes or ideas you wanna share with me then please, by all means, do so.
I needs this. I want to become good, but I can't, all a guy like me needs is an idea.
I'm gonna actually try my best in flash from now on, the others were practice. :P

Also, in your responses, try to include the word "SHIITAKE"
I dunno, I'm just bored, I watched too much stuff on Youtube.

Look forward to getting to know you all
- Tanka